[HQ] Lee Jong Suk for CéCi Korea 1414x2000
[HQ] Lee Jong Suk for CéCi Korea 1414x2000

Soohyuk Porn Style Log

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L E V I || A Choice with no Regrets 

Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.

- (via only-seoul)
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140912: seoul bangkok

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I have an addiction to imagining things. (Laughs) I like leaving reality and dreaming away. Whenever I see very realistic movies or news, I get so surprised that my heart starts beating fast. There are times when I listen to music and before I know it, I can’t hear the music any more because I’m too immersed in my imaginations.”- CL 
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Harper’s Bazaar Magazine [credit Jensen China Fanclub] (x)